Reunion Photos Page 5

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Fred, Tom, Ken, Bill, John, and Judy Marv & Stu get into "Louie, Louie"
Bill Katz Mrav Kopman Fred Bing Ken Newman & Bill Katz -- Just like it was 1966!!!! Judy & Ernie "R-E-S-P-E-C-T!" Bill lets loose on "Gin House Blues" Ken Newman Tom Woliver & Marv Kopman After lugging all the equipment up the hill, John Berg, David Sapadin, Ernie Waits, Bill Katz, Marv Kopman, Stu Klein, and Ken Newman pose in front of the Cincy skyline. We did try to find Walt Smith, but couldn't -- so we had to do all this work ourselves!!! After the finale - Fred Bing, Stu Klein, Ken Newman, David Sapadin, Marvin Kopman, Judy Sigman, Bill Katz, John Berg, Ernie Waits (seated), Tom Woliver (kneeling) pose for a group shot!